How to Create Windows 10 Guest Account

In Windows by setting up the Guest account, you allow people to use your system temporarily so that they cannot access your data. In Windows 10 the process of setting up a guest account is different from Create a guest account on Windows 8. In this article, we will explain to you how to create a guest account on Windows 10 in some of the simplest steps.

How to Create Windows 10 Guest Account

In windows 10 add the account or create a guest account you can use any of the given methods:

Method 1 – By using command prompt

We can create Windows 10 guest account by using Command Prompt. To create Windows 10 guest account on your system by using command prompt you have to run some command in command prompt Window.  That’s it. Isn’t it is an easy method?? So let’s get started, follow the below-given steps carefully and the Guest account will be created on your system.

Step 1. Open the command prompt on your system, as Administrator. The quickest way to do this is right click on Windows button and select Command Prompt (Admin) option.

Step 2. A Window will appear on your screen and Ask you want to continue, click on yes button.

Step 3. In the command prompt Window type, this command “net user Visitor /add /active:yes”, and hit the enter button.

Step 4. After running the command it will ask you to set Windows 10 guest account password, press enter button twice it will create a blank password for the guest account.

Step 5. To remove Visitor Account from default users group type “net localgroup users Visitor /delete” command.

Step 6. Now to Add Visitor user to guest group list which has more restriction than local user type this command “net local group guests Visitor /add” and hit Enter.

Now close command prompt. That it. It will Add Visitor User as a guest user in your system.

Method 2 – Adding Guest account in Local Users and Groups

  • Step 1. Open the Run Dialogue Box on your system.
  • Step 2. In the Run Search box type “lusrmgr.msc”, to open Local Users and Group.
  • Step 3. Click on the ok button.
  • Step 4. you will see a User’s Folder option in the left side Panel, click or tap on it to open it.
  • Step 5. In the right side panel click on More Actions.
  • Step 6. From there select new user option.

Step 7. Now give a username for the Guest account (For Example Visitor) and Windows 10 guest account password and fill description.

  • Step 8. Click on Create button and close.
  • Step 9. Now in the middle panel of Local users and guest, double-click on the newly created guest account (Visitor).

  • Step 10. Now click on the Member of a tab, from there select users and now click on Remove button to remove this new user from being a member of the Users group.

  • Step 11. Now tap on Add button.

  • Step 12. Now in the box of “Enter the object names to select” type “Guests”.

  • Step 13. Click on Ok button.
  • Step 14. To add this account as a member of Guest groups click on Ok button.

  • Step 15. Save all the modifications after that close all the tabs.

After saving all the changes you made, when you logged in for the first time with the guest user a folder C:\Users\(username)” of guest username will be created at this location. This is the simplest way to add Windows 10 guest account. In case if you don’t want windows guest account restrictions free then at the time when you add a guest user check the full control checkbox. But it is not mandatory as most of the times you don’t want to give full access to the Guest user.

How to Enable Guest Account on your system

If you are facing some windows guest account restrictions the then maybe the problem will be the Guest User Account feature is enabled on your system. So you have to enable the Guest Account on your Windows 10 system. If you don’t know how to enable the Guest Account on your system, so here we are explaining two ways using which you can enable Guest account on your system.

Method 1 – Quick Method

This is the easiest and simple way using which you can easily enable the guest account on your PC.

Step 1. Click on the Start button of your Windows system.

Step 2. In the search box type guest.

Step 3. From the search, list selects Turn guest account on or off option.

Step 4. In the Manage Accounts Window Select Guest Account.

Step 5. Under the setting Do you want to turn on the guest account? select Turn on option.

Method 2 – Using Local Group Policy

Step 1. Open Run Dialogue Box on your system.

Step 2. In the Run search box type “gpedit.msc”, and click ok button.

Step 3. In the Local Group Policy Editor locate Accounts: Guest account status and click on it.

(To locate this you have to expand Computer Configuration from there select Windows Settings after that Security Settings from there select Local Policies after that Security Options.)

Step 4. After opening it under the tab Local security setting, you will see the option to enable the Guest user, to allow it click on the Enabled option.

Here we are explaining two ways using which you can enable Guest Account on your Windows 10 system.

That’s all about how to add a guest user in Windows 10.As we know Create a guest account on Windows 8 is quite simple but in Windows 10 is a little bit different. We hope this article helps you. If you have any problem in any of the methods, write to us in the comment section.

How to Create Windows 10 Guest Account
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