Huawei has come out with Band 2 Pro, available in the US

We have brought you news today, and you will like it as well if you are a fitness freak. Lately, it came to our notice that Huawei has come up with its latest fitness tracker. It is being called the Band 2 Pro. And is also being released in the US after being announced in the month of July. The fitness band will carry the standard features that other bands in the market carry, like a heart rate monitor, GPS, notifications, and

Of course, a sleep tracker. The makers have added a few extra features to entice buyers. The idea was to make it more appealing and likable by people.




The Band 2 pro even has a running coach feature which works to personalize your training program, or if you are running a race, then it can measure things like VO2max, recovery time and other important things. The relaxation training feature gives the users a guideline for breathing which can help lower the stress level which might go up depending upon the exertion.


The fitness band by Huawei will cost around $69 only, so it seems like a pretty good deal if the gadget is able to live up to its words. The band works with both Android and iOS devices. The battery back is very impressive as it will go for weeks on a single charge. If you think that the fitness band is worth your bill, then you can purchase it from Amazon today itself. It comes in black, red, and blue. Such variety is appreciated by people.


With so many bands launching, people are surrounded with options. They have the freedom to choose from a vast spectrum of ranging bands, which can suit their budgets as well.


So what are you waiting for? The gadget is already out. Go on and get yourself one. It is affordable as well. Our team has booked one too. Technology has really changed its course for the better. With such advancement, people are looking towards a fitter and healthier environment.


Let us know what are your reviews of the Band 2 Pro. We would want to know. Your opinions matter to us most. You can do this by leaving a comment in the comment section which is down below; you will have to scroll a bit. You can even write us an email; we reply fast. Explore our page for more information.


Thanks for reading, we meet tomorrow.

Huawei has come out with Band 2 Pro, available in the US
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