Fix Xbox 360 Controller Driver Not Working on Windows 10

Many gamers prefer using their XBOX 360 controllers for playing games on their PCs instead of the usual mouse and keyboard combination. It is only convenient that many PC games do allow the use of XBOX 360 Controllers via an available USB port on any Windows OS. Here in this article, we are going to share How to Fix Xbox 360 Controller Driver Not Working.

It is very easy to install the necessary drivers which enable users to use their XBOX Controller. These are the steps that you can follow to install and use your XBOX 360 Controller on your PC:

  • Step 1 – Plug in your XBOX 360 Controller to your PC via a 3.0 or 2.0 USB Port.
  • Step 2 – Windows 10 automatically installs the drivers that are necessary for your controller. Once the pop-up notification appears that the drivers have been installed you are free to use your controller.
  • Step 3 – Open a game supporting a controller and test away your device by all necessary means.

Although this is a viable and a more user-friendly option there have been repeated reports of the XBOX 360 driver not working on PC with Windows 10 Operating System. This could be due to an array of problems that may not be easy to identify but could range from outdated drivers to other faults.

Fix Xbox 360 Controller Driver Not Working on Windows 10

If you have recently updated your system and you are unable to use your XBOX 360 controller and are getting errors where XBOX 360 Controller Windows 10 isn’t working so here are a few methods to try your hands at:


Note: Make sure that your XBOX 360 Controller is not plugged in and a wireless receiver is connected to your PC (if you’re using a wireless controller).

  • Step 1 – Uninstall all XBOX 360 Accessories from the Control Panel before installation.

  • Step2 – Open Device Manager. Press Windows Key + X and choose Device Manager from the menu that appears.
  • Step 3 – When Device Manager opens to expand the Other Devices listing and right click on Unknown Device.
  • Step 4 – Make sure you right click it and select the Scan for hardware changes and Update Driver Software>Search Automatically for Updated Driver options before the next steps, especially if you have more than one Unknown Device listed.
  • Step 5 – Right click the Unknown device and choose Update Driver Software from the menu.

  • Step 6 – Click the Browse my computer for driver software option.
  • Step 7 – Click on Let me pick from a list of device drivers on my computer.

  • Step 8 – You should see a list of device drivers. Select Xbox 360 peripherals and click Next.
  • Step 9 – Choose the latest Receiver driver that’s on the list and click Next. If you get a warning message, just click OK and wait for the driver to install.

After these steps, the controller should function just fine. Although it is recommended to use Microsoft receivers, third-party receivers work just fine as long as we use Microsoft Drivers. If this method does not solve your problem to move on to other solutions. This may save any errors like XBOX 360 Controller Driver not working from popping up.


Note: Make sure to uninstall any XBOX 360 Accessories from the Control Panel.

Step 1 – Press Windows key and X at the same time, then choose Device Manager.

Step 2 – On the top bar, choose View option, then select Show hidden devices.

Step 3 – Then check for the driver. In most the cases, it is under Universal Serial Bus controllers category. In other cases, it can be found under Universal Serial Bus devices or Xbox 360 Peripherals category.

Step 4 – Once you have decided which device driver is the correct one for your Xbox 360 controller, right click it and choose Uninstall.

Step 5 – When prompted with Confirm Device Uninstall dialog, tick the box for Delete the driver software for this device. Then hit OK to continue.

Restart your computer after this. After the restart, plug in your device, Windows will help you install the latest version of the Xbox 360 controller that it could find following the steps given in the very beginning. But there is no guarantee that it will find the latest version of the driver for you. But it may also work and ensure that Windows 10 Xbox 360 controller not working error does not occur. Follow the next method to install the latest update of the driver.


Sometimes your Xbox 360 Controller might not be recognized due to an outdated driver. Make sure that your Windows 10 is up to date with latest patches. In addition, you can also download the necessary drivers from After you’ve downloaded and installed the appropriate driver, Xbox 360 Controller should start working again.


Windows only provide a driver for Xbox 360 on builds earlier than Windows 7, you will find the driver provided by Windows not helpful enough for Windows 10. In this case, you will definitely need a tool that can help you solve this problem.

Driver Easy is a tool which can help you identify outdated drivers and can hence be helpful in updating the required driver. It has a humongous database and there are hardly any drivers that are not available in this tool.


The Xbox 360 Controller for Windows needs a powered USB port. If the controller is not working correctly, try changing it to a different USB port. Avoid using USB hubs or the front ports on a PC. Unpowered hubs or ports might not provide enough power for the controller. For best results, plug the controller into another USB port on the back of the computer.

Typically, the ports on the back of a computer are powered ports. Ports on the front of the computer may not be powered ports. An external USB hub does not provide powered ports if it does not have its own separate power supply or AC adapter.


If you have tested out all the methods and nothing else seems to work the only option left is to reinstall Windows and try again. We hope these methods may prove to be a solution to your problems.

Fix Xbox 360 Controller Driver Not Working on Windows 10
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